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We are currently streamlining our processes, which means when we collect your rent via Direct Debit it will have a new account reference. This does not change the way in which we collect Direct Debits. If you pay between 16th – 22nd of the month your October payment will be taken later than planned.

Building regulations

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Building regulations make sure that new building work is safe and energy efficient. Check with us to see if you need building regulations approval before starting a project.

A Building Control surveyor will inform your builder of any contravention of the Regulations.
The installation of replacement windows is now included as 'building work' and requires a Building Notice to be submitted, prior to work commencing.
If you are planning an extension to your property or would like to construct a new building, you will need to check the location of the public sewers.
What to do if you believe your work does comply with Building Regulations or if you believe Building Regulations are not appropriate for the work being carried out.
Competent Persons Schemes were introduced by the Government to allow individuals and enterprises to self-certify that their work complies with Building Regulations
A list of Building Regulations approved guidance documents.


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