Single Person Discount Review

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Why is the Single Person Review being undertaken?

Each year local authorities receive a high volume of applications for Single Person's Discount. Sadly, some of these applications are not genuine and impacts the already overstretched budgets of Local Authorities all over the country.

We are carrying out a review to remove claims that are not genuine. This helps us make sure that those paying the correct level of Council Tax, are not subsidising others who are falsely claiming discount.

Why have I been sent a letter?

In order to carry out this review, we are using information that we hold on our Council Tax records and data from credit reference agencies. This data can provide an indication of who may be living at an address. We are still writing to all customers as this information may not be reliable. This may be due to:

  • customers not informing us of changes in the number of people living at an address
  • a previous occupant still having credit activity or correspondence at your address
  • a customer using variations of their name (for example the use of middle names)
  • the data supplier having incorrect information relating to the property

We are writing to customers to ensure the information that we hold is accurate and discounts are awarded to those entitled.

Why do I need to respond?

Checks will be made to ensure Single Person Discounts we have awarded are valid and our information is up to date. However, circumstances sometimes are not so easy to explain. Wrongly claiming the Single Person Discount for Council Tax may result in fines and having to pay the money back. Anyone claiming the discount, whose situation has now changed, should contact the council to avoid this.

What should I do now?

Please confirm your current details by clicking on the Single Person's Discount Review link at the top of the page.

To access your form, you will need to enter your unique PIN number. You can find this PIN number on the letter we have sent to you.

Why has this discount been removed? 

If you didn’t respond to the review, your discount may have been removed. Should you believe you are still entitled to Single Person Discount, you will need to reapply: Single Person Discount Review - Reapply