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Responding to a tender opportunity

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Look out for tender opportunities published by the Council. We use our Suffolk Sourcing system as our principal method of advertising tenders. View our adverts via the system and read the System User Guide which explains what you need to do to express your interest and respond to a tender opportunity. The Official Journal of the European Union and Contracts Finder are also used to advertise tenders.

Pre-qualification questionnaires

You need to register as a Supplier on the Suffolk Sourcing system before you can fully download tender details and bid for tenders.

We issue an online selection questionnaire (SQ) for tenders following a restricted tender process. Our questionnaire is designed to tell us about your previous experience and track record in delivering the goods, services or works required.

You must fully complete the questionnaire online for us to evaluate your expression of interest. If we require supplementary information from you such as financial statements, policies, references etc. we will ask for them in the questionnaire. If you are in any doubt about completion of any of the questions, please contact the buyer named in the questionnaire.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow us to restrict the number of suppliers invited to bid to the numbers specified in the original tender advert. We make our judgement solely on the information you provide in your questionnaire and references, so please take care to ensure that you provide full answers where called for.

Everyone who submits a questionnaire will be advised of the outcome of our evaluation.

Completing a tender

If you are invited to bid, we will issue tender documents, wherever possible via our electronic tendering system. Tender documents will contain:

  • an invitation to Tender, tendering instructions, our evaluation model, methodology and criteria
  • terms and conditions of contract
  • contract specification
  • a number of schedules for you to complete.

You will find instructions for returning your completed tender, a return date and time (when all tenders will be opened) and a contact name of the buyer dealing with the tender.

Please read the instructions carefully, including how to return your tender and the deadline. It is important that you follow the instructions provided and ensure that your tender is returned by the specified closing date, time and method as late tenders will be returned without further consideration.

Be sure to include full information in the return address when returning tenders via our electronic tendering system.

Things to consider when completing the documentation (if anything is unclear make contact with the named person connected with your tender):

  • Complete all of the schedules in your tender document;
  • Use the criteria and evaluation model shown in the tender as a guide to developing your response. We use this criteria to assess the tender we receive;
  • If you think there is any further information you need to help you put your tender together, please ask the named contact. We will be happy to provide it if we can (where we provide information in response to a request from a bidder, we will normally provide the same information to all organisations invited to tender);
  • Unless the specification does not allow the use of alternatives, we will consider other viable options provided they satisfy our requirements;
  • It is perfectly acceptable to provide supporting information with a tender document, but please ensure you also complete the tender in full as required;
  • Do not re-write the terms and conditions of contract. If you wish to comment on our terms and conditions, this should be done on a separate sheet;
  • Please check your tender to make sure you are happy with it before you upload and return it to us on the system. We will question what we believe may be genuine mistakes but it may not be possible to spot everything.

If your bid is successful, the terms and conditions of contract, together with schedules, become the principal contract between you (the Supplier) and us.

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