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Walking is a great way of getting around Ipswich. As well as being free, healthy and environmentally friendly, it is the ideal way to see everything that Ipswich has to offer.

We also have a number of guided walks throughout the town. To learn about Ipswich's wonderful history and get to know people along the way, sign up for one of our walks. 

These entertaining and informative guided walks are available from May to September on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with occasional evening and weekend walks. Most walks start from Ipswich Borough Council’s Tourist Information Centre, last about an hour and a half and cost £4 per person.

Our full list of guided walks can be viewed or download here: Guided Walks 2017

With over two million visitors a year to the town, Ipswich Borough Council is dedicated to providing useful information for visitors and residents to improve their experience of the town centre. We have been working with wayfinding designers Applied to develop Walk Ipswich - a pedestrian wayfinding system that will help visitors and residents find their destinations and discover hidden gems.

Visitors will be able to access free comprehensive, high quality, journey-planning information via websites, mobile devices, printed maps and on-street signage.

The map based signs will help people:

  • Find their way, detailing the landmarks they'll pass on their journey;
  • Estimate the time it will take to reach their destination.

Maps are also available from:

Ipswich Tourist Information Centre
St Stephen's Church
St Stephen's Lane

Tel: 01473 258070
Email: tourist@ipswich.gov.uk

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