Consultation on proposed new park byelaws

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Please note, this consultation has now closed

A public consultation on our proposed new byelaws for parks and open spaces took place between Tuesday 3rd August 2021 and Monday 13th September 2021

Why did we consult?

We are proposing to bring the byelaws for our parks and open spaces up to date.

The current byelaws were made in 1983 and now only include one quarter of Ipswich parks and open spaces. Replacing them will see more locations protected and more activities regulated, addressing a variety of visitor concerns including anti-social behaviour, the environment and wildlife.

The draft byelaws are based on the model byelaws provided by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) that relate to the use of parks and open spaces. We have made some amendments which will reflect the local use of those areas.

The draft byelaws will help local people understand what activities and behaviours can or cannot be undertaken in parks and open spaces, so everyone can enjoy them. The proposed byelaws will also clarify the responsibilities of council officers when managing and controlling the grounds.

Consultation documents

Regulatory statement

The council must now undertake a Regulatory Assessment of the proposed byelaw as part of the consultation process. The Regulatory Assessment must include the following considerations:

  • What is the objective of the byelaws?
  • Could the objective be achieved in any other way, short of a byelaws?
  • What will be the impact on those affected by it?
  • Will the proposed byelaws increase or decrease the regulatory burden upon those affected by it and can the local authority express this increase or decrease as a financial cost or benefit?
  • How does making the proposed byelaws compare with taking no further action?

The council will publish the statement of the assessment on its website and publicise the statement so that it is brought to the attention of people who live in the council's area and those who may otherwise have been affected by the proposed byelaws.

Following consultation and assessment, the council must submit their application to the MHCLG for approval. Read more about the byelaw process as set out by MHCLG.

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