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Ipswich Buildings at Risk Register

In 1987, 44 buildings out of 550 were considered to be at risk. In 2020, the total has reduced to five buildings out of 650.

Buildings are assessed using guidelines devised by Historic England to ensure consistency throughout the country. A ‘Risk Category’ is arrived at by assessing the condition of a building and whether it is occupied or in use. Buildings capable of beneficial use can be ‘at risk’ if they are in very bad or poor condition or in fair condition and vacant. A building not capable of beneficial use (such as a statue or wall) can be ‘at risk’ if in very bad or poor condition, or in fair condition but lacking management to ensure its future maintenance.

Buildings can be removed from the Buildings at Risk Register thanks to efforts of conscientious, dedicated owners; sometimes in phased repairs over extended periods. Where negotiations with owners are unsuccessful to carry out urgent repairs the council does benefit from statutory enforcement powers which can secure the delivery of urgent works to buildings.

Not all buildings are straightforward to repair or convert to a new use and nor are all building eligible for financial support from grant making bodies, which can make the process of getting to a position where a building can be taken off the register particularly time consuming.

There are 4 buildings currently on the Ipswich Buildings at Risk Register. These can be viewed below and information about these buildings can be obtained from the Conservation and Urban Design Department:

Suffolk's Buildings at Risk Register

Our Conservation Service works jointly with the other Suffolk local planning authorities to produce an annual Buildings at Risk Register for the county.

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