CLOSED - Public Consultation: Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review and the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

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Please note: This consultation has now closed.

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan determines the amount of future development needed in the Borough for land uses such as housing, offices, industry and retail.  It allocates sites for new development, identifies areas where development should be restricted and includes policies which are used for determining planning applications.  The Local Plan Review will look ahead to 2036.

What is Sustainability Appraisal?

Sustainability appraisal is the process of assessing the impacts of plans and programmes on the environment, economy and society.  The purpose is to help to ensure plans contribute towards sustainable development.  The scoping report is the first stage to establish the framework for the appraisal.

Public Consultation

The consultation was carried out for ten weeks between Friday 18th August and Monday 30th October 2017 on two Local Plan Review documents:

  • Issues and Options for the Ipswich Local Plan Review, consisting of Part 1, prepared jointly with Suffolk Coastal District Council in order to consider strategic, cross-boundary issues, and Part 2 to address local issues for Ipswich Borough
  • A Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report - which will form the basis for sustainability appraisal of the new Local Plan Review documents as they are prepared over coming months.

 Consultation Documents

To view the evidence base documents that support the Ipswich Local Plan Review, please see the Core Document Library and the New Evidence Base Documents for the Local Plan Review

Consultation Events

During the consultation period, officers attended Ipswich Area Committee meetings held between 6th and 21st September 2017 and two ‘drop-in’ exhibitions were held at Ipswich Town Hall in the Pickwick Room on Saturday 30th September 2017 and Tuesday 3rd October 2017, 11am – 3pm.