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The Ipswich Contaminated Land Strategy explains how we implement our duties outlined in the Government's Contaminated Land legislation. The strategy was last reviewed and updated in 2018.

Contaminated Land legislation provides a system for the identification and remediation of land that causes unacceptable risk to human health or the environment, when assessed in the context of the current use and circumstances of the land.

The Ipswich Environmental Protection team is responsible for:

  • Assessing planning applications for contaminated land issues and commenting on remediation strategies where appropriate;
  • Assessing all its records on contaminated land and identifying sites that are at risk of being classified as contaminated;
  • Maintaining a register of contaminated sites;
  • Offering a service of Contaminated Land Searches;
  • Providing advice and information on general contaminated land issues.

The strategy can be downloaded as a PDF file below:

This strategy is in the process of being implemented and therefore individual sites could still be identified in the future.

At present there are no sites registered as contaminated land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


The Health Protection Agency's most up to date dataset reveals that some parts of Ipswich are in a Radon Affected Area. The percentage of homes at or above the Action Level in these affected areas is 1 - 3%.

Should you require information as to whether a certain property is located in a Radon Affected Area, this information can be obtained, for a small charge, from This website, operated by the Health Protection Agency, includes lots of information on radon, including the risks, how to measure radon and how to reduce radon levels.

Alternatively, you can purchase a radon potential search for a fee by contacting the Radon Studies Group of the Health Protection Agency on 01235 822622.

Advice Notes

The following advice notes have been produced by the Suffolk Contaminated Land Group.

The notes provide advice for developers, consultants and the public on contaminated land:

Land Contamination Questionnaire

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