Summary of our Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide guidance on applying Local Plan policies. Prior to the introduction of SPDs in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the Council produced a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents (SPGs). The guidance contained in SPDs and SPGs is a material consideration in the consideration of planning applications.

Adopted SPDs

Ipswich Borough Council has adopted the following SPDs:

    Developing SPDs

    The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out the Council’s project plan for the preparation of documents including SPD.

    Draft Reptile Strategy Supplement Development Scheme (SPD)

    Low Emissions Strategy SPD Incorporating Parking Standards for the IP-One Area

    A Low-Emissions Strategy SPD is being prepared. The call for ideas for this SPD was issued June to July 2017 (repeating a stage conducted previously in July 2015). This SPD is supported by the Council’s Environmental Protection department and would seek to provide a package of measures aimed at mitigating the transport impacts of development. The primary aim of low-emissions strategies is to accelerate the uptake of cleaner vehicle fuels and technologies in and around development sites and to promote modal shift away from car use. An example could be electric recharging points in car parks and on-street. It is proposed to incorporate the Parking Guidance for the IP-One Area SPD into the Low Emissions Strategy SPD. The reasoning is to ensure that the approach to parking in central Ipswich should not undermine actions to improve the Ipswich Air Quality Management Areas. The Parking Standards for the IP-One Area SPD will set maximum standards for car parking for new residential development within the IP-One Area and define appropriate standards for operational car parking in connection with non-residential uses within the central car parking core. An initial ‘call for ideas’ consultation on the parking standards was held during July and August 2015. A further ‘call for ideas’ consultation took place from 14th June – 26th July 2017.

    Reptile Strategy SPD

    A Reptile Strategy SPD is being prepared which will provide guidance on how to work within the ‘mitigation hierarchy’ in relation to reptiles found on development sites. This includes guidance on how to avoid or minimise impacts to reptiles, and particularly how to mitigate impacts by moving (‘translocating’) populations of reptiles to other sites. The aim of the SPD is to support Local Plan delivery by taking a more strategic approach to reptile translocation, by identifying receptor sites and planning for their establishment and ongoing maintenance. A ‘call for ideas’ public consultation took place in August 2015 and a subsequent follow up ‘call for ideas’ consultation was carried out from 14th June – 26th July 2017. Feedback from this consultation has been collated and the Council is in the process of producing a draft SPD.

    Identified Frontages (Central Shopping Area and District and Local Centres) SPD

    An Identified Frontages (Central Shopping Area and District and Local Centres) SPD was previously due to be prepared to review and amend the identified frontages within the Primary, Secondary and Speciality Shopping Area of the Central Shopping Area, and the District and Local Centres. However, the 2018 review of the National Planning Policy Framework deleted reference to frontages. As a consequence, the draft Local Plan Review has revised the approach within the Central Shopping Area to focus on groups of shop units instead of frontages. The groups are identified through an appendix to the draft Local Plan Review. The change in approach responds to the need for greater flexibility in the Central Shopping Area to support town centre regeneration. Therefore, the Council no longer plans to prepare this SPD.

    Supplementary Planning Guidance