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We have created a Wildlife Network Map of the town, which highlights the importance of gardens as natural corridors for wildlife to move between parks and other open spaces. For example, hedgehogs need your gardens to feed, find mates and hibernate in. Without them, it is almost impossible for a viable breeding population to exist, as parks on their own are not generally large enough.

You can help hedgehogs and a whole host of other wildlife with some fairly simple actions. Make a small hole in your garden fence to let hedgehogs move more freely; plant some wildflower seed and help our bees and butterflies; or install a log pile and look after the amazing stag beetle and a myriad of other wood loving wildlife.

Throughout 2016 Ipswich Borough Council, together with Ipswich Wildlife Group and the Greenways Countryside Project, will be running series of wildlife homes events across the town, where you can find out more and build your own wildlife homes to take home and install in your own garden.

You can be involved with a few of our wildlife projects to help us keep a record of the number of species of animals we have in our gardens. To participate, download our bird counting sheet or bug counting sheet and tally up what creatures you find and let us know your results!

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