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Housing Benefit payment dates

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To find out the date that your housing benefit payment will be in your bank, and the period that it covers, please choose from one of the tables below.

Please note that payments expected on a bank holiday date will reach your account the next working day.

Payment dates - monthly in arrears (landlords and claimants)

Payment datePeriod covered
25th Jan 20161st-31st Jan 2016
29th Feb 20161st-28th Feb 2016
29th Mar 20161st-31st Mar 2016
25th Apr 20161st-30th Apr 2016
30th May 20161st-31st May 2016
27th Jun 20161st-30th Jun 2016
25th Jul 20161st-31st Jul 2016
29th Aug 20161st-31st Aug 2016
26th Sep 20161st-30th Sep 2016
31st Oct 20161st-31st Oct 2016
28th Nov 20161st-30th Nov 2016
23rd Dec 20161st-31st Dec 2016
30th Jan 20171st-31st Jan 2017
27th Feb 20171st-28th Feb 2017
27th Mar 20171st-31st Mar 2017

Payment dates - four weekly in arrears (landlords only)

Payment datePeriod covered
18th Jan 201621st Dec 2015 to 17th Jan 2016
15th Feb 201618th Jan 2016 to 14th Feb 2016
14th Mar 201615th Feb 2016 to 13th Mar 2016
11th Apr 201614th Mar 2016 to 10th Apr 2016
9th May 201611th Apr 2016 to 8th May 2016
6th Jun 20169th May 2016 to 5th Jun 2016
4th Jul 20166th Jun 2016 to 3rd Jul 2016
1st Aug 20164th Jul 2016 to 31st Jul 2016
29th Aug 20161st Aug 2016 to 28th Aug 2016
26th Sep 201629th Aug 2016 to 25th Sep 2016
24th Oct 201626th Sep 2016 to 23rd Oct 2016
21st Nov 201624th Oct 2016 to 20th Nov 2016
19th Dec 201621st Nov 2016 to 18th Dec 2016
16th Jan 201719th Dec 2016 to 15th Jan 2017
13th Feb 201716th Jan 2017 to 12th Feb 2017
13th Mar 201713th Feb 2017 to 12th Mar 2017

Payment dates - two weekly in arrears (claimants only)

Payment datePeriod covered
28 Dec 201514th Dec 2015 to 27th Dec 2015
11th Jan 201628th Dec 2015 to 10th Jan 2016
25th Jan 201611th Jan 2016 to 24th Jan 2016
8th Feb 201625th Jan 2016 to 7th Feb 2016
22nd Feb 20168th Feb 2016 to 21st Feb 2016
7th Mar 201622nd Feb 2016 to 6th Mar 2016
21st Mar 20167th Mar 2016 to 20th Mar 2016
4th Apr 201621st Mar 2016 to 3rd Apr 2016
18th Apr 20164th Apr 2016 to 17th Apr 2016
2nd May 201618th Apr 2016 to 1st May 2016
16th May 20162nd May 2016 to 15th May 2016
30th May 201616th May 2016 to 29th May 2016
13th Jun 201630th May 2016 to 12th Jun 2016
27th Jun 201613th Jun 2016 to 26th Jun 2016
11th Jul 201627th Jun 2016 to 10th Jul 2016
25th Jul 201611th Jul 2016 to 24th Jul 2016
8th Aug 201625th Jul 2016 to 7th Aug 2016
22nd Aug 20168th Aug 2016 to 21st Aug 2016
5th Sep 2016 22nd Aug 2016 to 4th Sep 2016
19th Sep 20165th Sep 2016 to 18th Sep 2016
3rd Oct 201619th Sep 2016 to 2nd Oct 2016
17th Oct 20163rd Oct 2016 to 16th Oct 2016
31st Oct 201617th Oct 2016 to 30th Oct 2016
14th Nov 201631st Oct 2016 to 13th Nov 2016
28th Nov 201614th Nov 2016 to 27th Nov 2016
12th Dec 201628th Nov 2016 to 11th Dec 2016
23rd Dec 201612th Dec 2016 to 25th Dec 2016
9th Jan 201726th Dec 2016 to 8th Jan 2017
23rd Jan 20179th Jan 2017 to 22nd Jan 2017
6th Feb 201723rd Jan 2017 to 5th Feb 2017
20th Feb 20176th Feb 2017 to 19th Feb 2017
6th Mar 201720th Feb 2017 to 5th Mar 2017
20th Mar 20176th Mar 2017 to 19th Mar 2017

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