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Ipswich Borough Council has a flexible leaf clearance programme which can be adjusted to when and where accumulations of leaves occur.

Throughout November and December, the Council deploys teams dedicated to clearing leaves, using both mechanised and manual sweepers. Most roads are cleared of significant leaf falls twice during this period. Where it is known that leaves can create a slip hazard, these are monitored to ensure the hazard is removed.

Priority is given to the following:

  • Busy footpaths
  • Roads and footpaths with many mature trees
  • Areas which are prone to flooding
  • Areas where leaves have broken down into detritus

Where locations cannot be visited in a reasonable time by the dedicated leaf clearance teams, leaves will be removed by our normal street cleaning operations.

Please be patient if there has been a rapid fall of leaves during windy weather, as unfortunately it is not possible to sweep every road immediately.

If you wish to report fallen leaves that are a potential safety issue, please report online using the button below or call the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline using the number provided under Contact Details.

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