Making a complaint about premises licensed for alcohol and entertainment

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If you wish to make a complaint about a licensed premises, or a premises which is providing licensable activities without a licence, please get in touch with the Licensing Team using the contact details on this page.

Licensing Act 2003

As the Licensing Authority, we have the power to enforce the various aspects of the Licensing Act 2003, including any requirements contained within the licence. For example, premises may be selling alcohol later than they should, playing music that they are not licensed for, or not adhering to a condition attached to the licence. We can also enforce any premises which do not have any authorisation to provide licensable activities, and which may be selling alcohol, for example.

If you believe that the premises are contravening their licence, you will be asked to provide your details and a description of the nature of the problem, including details of dates and times when the problem has occurred. This information will be passed, in confidence, to our Licensing Enforcement Officers to investigate, who may contact you if they require any additional information about your concerns.

It is important that we have your details when we take on a complaint, however we can assure you that your details will be kept confidential and may only be shared with a Responsible Authority for the purposes of investigating the matter. We will not disclose your details to the licensee.

More details about how to make a complaint and how your complaint will be handled can be found in the download below:

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