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What is a parking suspension?

A parking suspension is where the parking controls, waiting, parking and loading, are suspended and the space is reserved for a particular purpose. A space cannot be suspended for preferential or convenience parking.

What can suspensions be booked for?

A single space, whole bay or group of bays may be suspended. A suspension is shown by yellow warning signs placed on the bay time-plate near to the suspended location.

You can suspend parking spaces for:

  • removals
  • utilities work (gas, water or electricity)
  • construction
  • skip
  • filming
  • highway improvements
  • local events

A suspension will normally be granted by the day, during the prescribed hours. Under certain conditions they may be granted for longer, although this will not usually be for more than seven consecutive days.

Further extensions would require a new application to be made, in order to allow the Council to review parking safety and traffic conditions. Notice of intended renewals should be made five working days before the renewal date.

It will normally take 10 working days for a parking suspension to be processed and advertised on site. Genuine emergencies will be processed as a matter of urgency and will not be subject to the notice period.

The Council reserves the right to reject any application.

Suspension administration fees;

  • £55 per suspension for the first day, per bay;
  • £25 per subsequent day per bay.


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You may also require a dispensation to park in a suspended bay. Find out more and apply for a parking dispensation.