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Information regarding the Fonnereau Neighbourhood of Ipswich Garden Suburb

Outline Planning Permission: IP/14/00638/OUTFL 

Outline Planning Permission was granted on 31st January 2020 relating to land South of the Railway Line, Westerfield Road.  This permission covers the land highlighted in the below image

Fonnereau Neighbourhood map

This grants Outline Permission (with all matters reserved) for 815 dwellings alongside, a new Primary School, a District Centre comprising a mix of retail and office space, Green Spaces and a new Community Centre. This application was determined by Planning and Development Committee in April 2018 and a Section 106 Legal Agreement was completed on 30th January 2020.

A full summary of the proposed development and all the information submitted is available to view with the application on the below link. This includes the Committee Report, Officer Update Report, and Decision Notice.

View planning application IP/14/00638/OUTFL

Reserved Matters

  • A Reserved Matters Application has been received relating to access, landscaping, appearance and layout for the Core Infrastructure for Phases 1,2,3, 4, A, B, and C . The application seeks approval for two site accesses off Westerfield Road, main spine road, drainage features including basins, swales, foul drainage routes, pumping stations and other associated works. The application is the reserved matters pursuant to the outline permission IP/14/00638/OUTFL granted on 31st January 2020 for 815 dwellings, district centre, primary school, two vehicular access points from Westerfield Road, pedestrian, cycle and emergency access from Henley Road, open space, and other associated infrastructure. To view the application and important dates please click on the following link- IP/22/00036/REM. The application was validated on the 31st March 2022 and is currently under consideration.
  • A Reserved Matters Application has been received relating to access, scale, appearance, landscaping and layout in relation to the erection of 440 dwellings in phases 1, 2 and 3, pursuant to outline planning permission IP/14/00638/OUTFL approved on 31st January 2020 for for up to 815 dwellings (C3); a district centre; a primary school (D1); vehicular accesses from Westerfield Road (x2) and Henley Road; open spaces and other associated infrastructure. To view the Reserved Matters Application and important dates please click on the following link- IP/22/00463/REM. The application was validated on the 30th June 2022.

Railway Bridges

The application to land to South and North of the Railway Line, Henley Road for the construction of one vehicular bridge and one pedestrian and cycle bridge over the existing railway line was considered by Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday 27th July 2022. Please click on the following link to view the Committee Minutes, Agenda, and Papers including the Committee Report.  The works include: drainage; earthworks; erection of boundary fencing; provision of temporary haul roads; provision of temporary construction compounds; and use / provision of construction accesses from Henley Road. To view the application and important dates please click on the following link - IP/22/00459/FUL. The application was validated on 20th May 2022 and is associated with the outline permission IP/16/00608/OUT. The two bridges will form part of  the Henley Gate Neighbourhood and the Fonnereau Neighbourhood of Ipswich Garden Suburb.

Discharge of conditions

The following conditions attached to the Outline Planning Permission IP/14/00638/OUTFL have been approved:

  • Condition 11Overarching Design Code- details approved on 27th May 2022 under application IP/21/00939/CON.
  • Condition 13 - Site Wide Foul and Surface Water Drainage Strategy - details approved on the 9th March 2022 under application IP/21/00926/CON.
  • Condition 15 - Site Wide Ecology Strategy- details approved on the 20th July 2022 under application IP/21/01258/CON. Please note the approved Strategy is not available on our website due to it containing confidential information about badgers. 
  • Condition 16- Skylark Mitigation Strategy- details approved on 21st July 2022 under application  IP/21/01275/CON.
  • Condition 17- Site Wide Archaeology Strategy - details approved on 30th June 2021 under application IP/21/00419/CON.
  • Condition 18 - Temporary Rail Crossing Diversion Strategy - details approved on 23rd August 2021 under application IP/21/00486/CON.
  • Condition 23- Construction Environmental Management Plan: Biodiversity - details for the Interim Works, Phase 1 were approved on 29th June 2021 under application- IP/21/00363/CON.
  • Condition 25- Programme of Archaeological Work and Written Scheme of Investigation- Phase 1 (Part Discharge) - details approved on 6th July 2021 under application IP/21/00420/CON.
  • Condition 27- Contaminated Land (Part Discharge) - details approved on the 6th July 2022 under application IP/22/00213/CON

Other applications to discharge the pre-commencement conditions of the outline planning permission IP/14/00638/OUTFL are currently under consideration. These include:

  • Condition 10- Phasing Strategy
  • Condition 12- Phase 1-3 Design Code
  • Condition 14- Site Wide Energy Strategy
  • Condition 23- Construction Environmental Management Plan - Biodiversity
  • Condition 28- Community Development Strategy
  • Condition 42- Westerfield Road Junction with Valley Road Improvements

The rest of Fonnereau Neighbourhood

The remaining part of the Fonnereau Neighbourhood is Ipswich School's playing field.

This page will be updated when new applications relating to the Fonnereau Neighbourhood are submitted. Please click on the following link to view ‘current news’ for Ipswich Garden Suburb.

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