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Our play areas and outdoor gyms have reopened. Make sure you stay safe by familiarising yourself with the Covid-19 safety guidance.

Ipswich has 87 play areas which are managed by the Borough Council. These facilities range from large installations in the major parks to smaller community areas in local neighbourhoods. Locations and further details of these play areas are shown on the map below.

The Council has also extended the level of provision to include skate parks near Stoke Bridge and in Whitehouse Park, as well as smaller skateboard ramps in other parks. Multi-unit games areas and smaller scale games areas have also been increased.

Play is an essential part of every child's life and is vital for their development. Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them. The play facilities in Ipswich have been designed to encourage a child's physical, social and creative development.

Play area locations

Age range: Toddler

Alvis Walk (Sycamores)
Off Lovetofts Drive, Ipswich IP1 5QG
Bentley Road (Sycamores)
Off Lovetofts Drive, Ipswich IP1 5QA
Breydon Way
Ipswich IP3 9GE
Broadmere Road Recreation Ground
Broadmere Road, Ipswich IP1 5BU
Cherry Lane Gardens
Ipswich IP4 4QQ
Childers Court
Ipswich IP3 0DU
Cranbourne Chase
Ipswich IP4 3EQ
Deben Road
Ipswich IP1 5EL
Draymans Way
Ipswich IP3 0QU
Emperor Circle
Ipswich IP3 9UD
Finbars Walk [B]
Finbars Walk, Ipswich IP4 1HY
Girton Way
Ipswich IP2 9UL
Howard Street
Ipswich IP4 4PD
Kettlebaston Way
Ipswich IP4 2XX
Lambeth Close
Ipswich IP1 4DX
Loganberry Road
Ipswich IP3 9GR
Margate Road
Ipswich IP3 9DE
Maryon Road LAP
Maryon Road, Ipswich IP3 9NJ
Monmouth Close
Ipswich IP2 8RS
Morgan Drive (Sycamores)
Off Lovetofts Drive, Ipswich IP1 5QG
Mulberry Road
Ipswich IP3 9GS
Pipers Vale
Braziers Wood Road, Ipswich IP3 0SP
Salmet Close
Ipswich IP2 9BA
Shaftesbury Square
Ipswich IP4 1NB
Silk Street
Ipswich IP4 2EG
Sinclair Drive
Ipswich IP2 8HZ
Smart Street
Ipswich IP4 1BP
Talmash Gardens
Ipswich IP2 9SZ
Tanners View
Ipswich IP1 4QE
Tower Mill [A]
Tower Mill Road, Ipswich IP1 4AQ
Tower Mill [B]
Tower Mill Road, Ipswich IP1 4AQ
Village Green [A]
Bonny Crescent, Ipswich IP3 9UN

Age range: Junior

Bilberry Road
Ipswich IP3 9GQ
Bramford Lane Recreation Ground
Bramford Lane, Ipswich IP1 5JX
Brunswick Road Recreation Ground
Brunswick Road, Ipswich IP4 4HB
Bull Road (Foxgrove Gardens)
Ipswich IP3 8GN
Celestion Way (Foxgrove Gardens)
Ipswich IP3 8GF
Chantry Park [A]
Hadleigh Road, Ipswich IP2 0BJ
Chantry Park [B]
London Road, Ipswich IP2 0BH
Cherry Lane Recreation Ground
Cherry Lane Gardens, Ipswich IP4 4JX
Dales Open Space
Baronsdale Close, Ipswich IP1 4JX
Dhobi Place
Ipswich IP1 4QA
Downing Close
Ipswich IP2 9EQ
Elderberry Road
Ipswich IP3 9US
Finbars Walk [A]
Finbars Walk, Ipswich IP4 1HY
Gippeswyk Park [B]
Lupin Road, Ipswich IP2 9AA
Havergate Road
Ipswich IP3 9GE
Ipswich IP2 9SQ
Lagonda Drive (Sycamores)
Off Lovetofts Drive, Ipswich IP1 5QE
Maude Street
Ipswich IP3 0AU
Provan Court (Foxgrove Gardens)
Ipswich IP3 8GP
Rapier Street
Ipswich IP2 8JU
Rendlesham Road
Ipswich IP1 2LY
Sallows Close
Ipswich IP1 4BJ
Sherrington Road Recreation Ground
Sherrington Road, Ipswich IP1 4HT
Shetland Close
Ipswich IP4 3DZ
Skylark Lane
Ipswich IP8 3QR
Stanley Avenue (Foxgrove Gardens)
Ipswich IP3 8GJ
Stonelodge Park
Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QY
Webb Street
Ipswich IP2 8RR

Age range: All

Alderman Road Recreation Ground
Alderman Road, Ipswich IP1 2DT
Alexandra Park
Back Hamlet, Ipswich IP4 1NY
Bourne Park [A]
Wherstead Road, Ipswich IP2 8LT
Bourne Park [B]
Stoke Park Drive, Ipswich IP2 8LT
Bramford Lane Open Space
Bramford Lane, Ipswich IP1 5JH
Bull Road (Foxgrove Gardens)
Ipswich IP3 8HX
Castle Hill Recreation Ground
Elmcroft Road, Ipswich IP1 6NE
Chesterton Close
Ipswich IP2 9UJ
Christchurch Park
Ipswich IP4 2EE
Christchurch Park Multi Use Games Area
Ipswich IP4 2EE
Conway Close
Ipswich IP2 8RE
Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground
Dumbarton Road, Ipswich IP4 3JN
Ellenbrook Open Space
Ellenbrook Road, Ipswich IP2 9JQ
Fen Bight Circle (Ravenswood)
Ipswich IP3 9UX
Gippeswyk Park [A]
Ancaster Road, Ipswich IP2 9AA
Hawke Road
Ipswich IP3 0JD
Holywells Park
Myrtle Road, Ipswich IP3 0PE
Landseer Park
Ipswich IP3 0EY
Maryon Road NEAP
Maryon Road, Ipswich IP3 9NJ
Murray Park
Murray Road, Ipswich IP3 9AH
Newbury Road Recreation Ground
Newbury Road, Ipswich IP4 5EX
Stoke Bridge, Ipswich IP1 1AX
St Augustine's Green
Ipswich IP3 9FL
Village Green [B]
Bonny Crescent, Ipswich IP3 9UN
Whitehouse Park (inc. Skatepark)
Norwich Road, Ipswich IP1 6JY
Whitland Close
Stoke Park Drive, Ipswich IP2 9YS
Whitton Recreation Ground
Old Norwich Road, Ipswich IP1 6LB

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