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This section sets out the policy frameworks within which procurement in Ipswich Borough Council is undertaken. Procurement has a key role to play in delivering Ipswich Borough Council's economic, social and environment objectives.

Greener procurement

Ipswich Borough Council has a vital role to play in furthering sustainable development through its procurement of buildings, goods, works and services.

There is considerable scope to consider environmental issues in public purchasing, within the context of the European Union procurement rules, the UK's procurement policy with value for money, and ongoing efficiency work. 

The UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy (Securing the Future) has committed the public sector to lead by example in delivering those objectives, since it was published in March 2005.

Sustainable procurement refers to all Policy Through Procurement issues, where public procurement is seen as a lever to achieve wider environmental, social and economic policy objectives.

Details of the Council's Sustainable Procurement can be found on this website.

Diversity and Equalities

The Council conducts its procurement in accordance with the relevant equality and diversity legislation and expects compliance with all relevant legislative requirements from its service providers. Where relevant our specifications and contract terms may include specific provisions for equality and diversity and we encourage a wide range of providers to tender for our contracts.

Details of the Council's Equality and Diversity Policies can be found on this website.

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