Submitting an insurance claim against the council

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We operate a number of insurance policies in relation to council owned property and public liability etc. These do not include claims arising from damage or injuries caused by any defect in the public highway - this is the responsibility of Suffolk County Council. Please click here to make a highways insurance claim.

As a consequence of the Ministry of Justice’s reforms relating to personal injury claims (not exceeding £25,000 damages), all legally represented claims for incidents occurring on or after 31st July 2013, have to be submitted via the Claims Portal.

To assist legal representatives in the identification of the council's insurers for insurance claims through the Ministry of Justice process, the insurance details are:

Zurich Municipal Policy Number QLA-19H007-0013
Zurich Municipal’s Portal ID: C00108

Legal representatives should submit potential claims against us via the Claims Portal.

Claimants who are not legally represented, should submit their insurance claims to the address/email address provided on this page.