Taxi and private hire licensing

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Appendices and licensing policy for taxi and private hire.

Appendix A - Application process for a driver's licence

Appendix B - DBS application process

Appendix C - Assessment of previous convictions

Appendix D - Dress code

Appendix E - Code of Conduct

Appendix F - Private Hire vehicle driver conditions

Appendix G - Hackney carriage driver byelaws

Appendix H - Combined private hire and Hackney carriage driver's license

Appendix I - Application process for a vehicle licence

Appendix J - HV Wheelchair specification

Appendix K - Vehicle specification

Appendix L - Tuk Tuk and motorised pedicab specification

Appendix M - Private hire (special needs) vehicle specification

Appendix N - Private hire vehicle licence conditions

Appendix O - Hackney carriage vehicle conditions

Appendix P - Private hire operator licence conditions

Appendix Q - Enforcement policy

Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy

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