Vehicles for people with disabilities

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A Special Needs Private Hire Vehicle licence, was introduced in July 2007 aimed primarily at the specially adapted wheelchair accessible vehicles.

All vehicles must comply with a Vehicle Specification to ensure that they are of an acceptable type to be considered for licensing:

  • Vehicles must undergo an initial test, followed by further annual tests. These tests are more stringent than a normal MOT test.
  • Vehicles that are four years old and older are required to be tested twice a year, at six-monthly intervals.
  • The vehicle proprietor must provide appropriate insurance cover that offers far greater cover than that provided to the private motorist.

Booking a wheelchair accessible vehicle

We are able to provide a list of wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire in Ipswich and contact telephone numbers for their drivers.

Travel for people with assistance dogs

People working in the taxi and private hire industry have an important role to play in helping people with assistance dogs travel. We have produced a guide to the different types of assistance dogs and outline the responsibilities of the drivers and operators.

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