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What are Listed Buildings?

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Listed Buildings are buildings which the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport has deemed to have special architectural or historic interest and which are compiled by English Heritage on behalf of the Secretary of State in a register published by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). The Council does not list buildings.

There are over 600 listed buildings and structures in the borough of Ipswich. These form part of its special character and history and are an asset not only to the town but to the nation. As such, they enjoy special protected status under the law. The Council aims to work with owners and occupiers to ensure that these important buildings are retained for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

The statutory list is available for inspection at Ipswich Borough Council's Grafton House reception and a summary of addresses is also available.

Where a building is listed, formal Listed Building Consent is required from the Council for any works that would affect its special character. These works can include demolition, alterations or extensions to the building including works to the building's interior. It is a criminal offence to carry out such works without first obtaining this consent.

The listing of a building implies that it will be preserved as far as possible and there is a strong presumption against demolition. Alterations are not ruled out, but the listing will ensure that the special architectural or historic interest of the building is taken into account when an application is made.

From time to time amendments may be made to the list; at such times the summary of addresses will be updated. For further advice check with the Conservation and Urban Design Team to see if a particular building has been added, deleted, upgraded or downgraded.

Buildings are graded to show their relative importance:

Grade I : These are buildings of exceptional interest;
Grade II* : These are particularly important buildings of more than special interest;
Grade II : These are buildings of special interest which warrant every effort being made to preserve them.

The listed building controls apply to all buildings equally, irrespective of their grade.

Some buildings are specifically defined as being of 'local interest'. The Council must pay special regard to these when considering proposals affecting them. Work to these buildings does not require Listed Building Consent, although consent is required to demolish them if they are in a Conservation Area.

Spot listing

Individual buildings can be listed by 'spot-listing'. However, this is usually in response to a specific threat.

Anyone can put forward a case for the listing of a building by demonstrating its special interest. Such cases should be sent to:

Heritage Protection Operations Department, English Heritage, 1 Waterhouse Square, 138-142 Holborn, London EC1N 2ST

Please do not send these to Ipswich Borough Council.

In particularly exceptional and urgent cases the Council can serve a Building Preservation Notice to protect a building for six months while its future is considered.

Informing the owner of a building's listing

When the building is listed, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport will inform the owner. However, the Council will also send a formal notification. Although the owner will receive a brief description of the building, this is an aid to identification only.

If a building is being bought, the Local Land Charges Search will identify whether it is listed or not. This should be pointed out by the purchaser's solicitor, as a notice drawing specific attention to this will be included with the search results from the Council.

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