What can I do to help to Improve Air Quality?

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All of us that live and work in Ipswich have a responsibility for reducing pollution in the air in our town.

To reduce your own contribution to pollution there are a number of things you can do.

Vehicle emissions are by far the worst contributor to air pollution in Ipswich, so there are some really simple things you can do to help improve this;

  • You could drive less often.
  • Try car sharing. Do you know a colleague that lives nearby? Share your commute with them a few days per week. Or join a car sharing club. When it comes to reducing air pollution, a mile shared is a mile halved!
  • Choose to walk short journeys instead of driving. Need to pick something up from local the local shop? Instead of taking the car, take a short walk. It’s better for your fitness and for the air in your community. Us the Walkit map to map your route to see how many calories you’ve burned and the carbon emissions you’ve saved.
  • Turn off your engine when stuck in traffic or waiting. If you think you’ll be stationary for more than a minute or so it’s better to switch your engine off.
  • Drive shorter journeys by taking the Park and Ride. Heading into the town centre? Try the Park and Ride instead. You’ll never need to worry about an expired ticket ever again.
  • Drive more efficiently. By driving more efficiently and maximising your average MPG as much as possible, you’ll reduce your emissions and need to fill up less often! Check your tyre pressure and oil regularly.
  • Try cycling. It is beneficial for your mental and physical health and can save you fuel costs.
  • Consider switching to an electric vehicle (EV). As an incentive to encourage take up of these vehicles Ipswich Borough Council currently offers free (EV) charging in car parks which have EV charging points. A map of our car parks, detailing which ones have EV charging points
  • Stop idling. Did you know that idling is bad for your health, your wallet and for air quality in your community. Visit our page on idling to find out more.

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