Works to protected trees

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You must apply to your local planning authority before you carry out works on trees if they are protected - that is if they are covered by a Tree Preservation Order or are located in a conservation area (where those works to trees have a trunk diameter of more than 75mm when measured at 1.5m from ground level (or more than 100mm if reducing the number of trees to benefit the growth of other trees). This includes pruning neighbouring overhanging branches.

Conservation areas

You must give six weeks notice before carrying out work to trees in a conservation area that are not already protected by a Tree Preservation Order. You may use our application form for this purpose, or you may write a letter but this must still include the information required by the form. This gives the Council an opportunity to consider whether a Preservation Order should be made to protect the tree(s).


You must apply or give notice to the Council if you want to work on a protected tree when you are carrying out development, even if full planning permission is not needed.

Where full planning permission has been granted you might still need to apply or give notice before carrying out work to protected trees. You should check first to see if this is required.

Application form and guidance notes

Further information is available in the guidance notes accompanying the application form:

Special circumstances

You do not need to get consent in a few special circumstances, for example when a tree is dead or dangerous. In this case, you are advised to speak to the Council about your proposed work, particularly felling.

Please contact Parks and Cemeteries on 01473 433580. You should be prepared to prove that the work falls within an exemption.