Lost and stray dogs

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Ipswich Borough Council operates a Dog Warden Service.

If your dog goes missing, please report it to us and we will put the details of the animal on our register. If we receive a subsequent sighting of the animal or are notified that someone has found it, we will pass that information on to you.

What to do if you find a stray dog

We operate a stray dog collection service between 08:30 and 21:00 Monday to Sunday. You can still report a stray dog outside of these hours and the details will be passed to the Dog Warden the following morning. Alternatively, you can email us.

When reporting a stray dog the following information is required to help us search our records:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact telephone number
  • Description of dog - the breed, size, colour and whether it is wearing a collar
  • Where the dog was found, at what time and where it is being held.

Any dog picked up by our Dog Warden will be taken to kennels.

Stray dog release fees

If the Dog Warden picks up a dog, they will endeavour to return the dog straight to the owner. This can only be done if it has a current tag or microchip. A fee is charged for this service.

Stray dog release fees

Dogs WITH a current tag/microchipDogs WITHOUT a current tag/microchip
Statutory Government prescribed fee   £25.00£25.00
Dog Warden fee£19.00£43.00
Minimum total release fee£44.00£68.00

If the dog has to be taken to kennels an additional kennelling fee of £17 per day applies. These fees must be paid before the dog can be released to its owner.

Online payment form

You can use our online payment form to pay. If you have been advised of the fee owed, please follow the link below to make payment:

Payments - Stray Dogs

Do ensure you make payment immediately so that arrangements to return your dog can be made. Any delays in making payment may lead to an increase in fees and a delay to the return of your dog.


All dogs must now be microchipped by law. Read more about the new law

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