Upload evidence for council tax

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You can upload scanned documents or digital photos in connection with requests/changes to your Council Tax account. Digital photos can be taken on a smart phone or tablet.

Please note that Evidence for Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit claims should be uploaded using the Benefits Evidence upload form

If you have already reported a change relating to Council Tax you can use this form to upload supporting evidence. 

Upload evidence

Your uploaded files need to be clearly readable. If we cannot read your documents it will take longer to deal with.

Type of files accepted as attachments:

  • Images (jpeg, gif, png)
  • PDF
  • TIF

Please note there is a 1mb size limit for PDF files, and a 10mb limit on any other files that can be attached.

Scan all documents you wish to attach and save them as PDF. If you wish to attach an image, please save it as either jpeg, gif or png. If you wish to attach a Word Document, please first save it as a PDF.

Please ensure that these files are not password protected.