The Ipswich Vision

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About the Vision

Ipswich is a great and ancient town with an exceptionally promising future.

The Ipswich Vision Board is a unique partnership, bringing together seven of Ipswich’s primary civic leaders to produce a shared Vision to support growth which improves Suffolk’s county town.

The Cornhill Project

One of the major projects supported by the Ipswich Vision Group was to transform Ipswich town centre with a £3.6m development of the Cornhill. Completed in November 2018, this major regeneration of the town’s square has seen it recast as an exciting new civic space and focal point at the heart of the town.

Complete with increased seating, new paving, trees and a stunning water feature, the Cornhill is now a lively, dynamic and welcoming place for gatherings, events, festivals and other outdoor entertainment.

Investment in Ipswich

An investment prospectus for developers has been produced and can be downloaded below:

If you are interested in investing in Ipswich, find out more about Inward Investment opportunities.