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Find out about the Mayor of Ipswich, the mayor's charities and the history of the mayoralty.

The current Mayor of Ipswich is Councillor Elango Elavalakan (2024 - 2025).
Find out what duties are carried out by the Mayor of Ipswich.
The history of the mayoralty in Ipswich
From 1836 to the present day
The Office of High Steward ranks third in Civic Ceremonials after the Mayor and the Honorary Recorder. The position is the highest office that the Council can bestow and is only granted in a few local authorities.
The role of Honorary Recorder is a purely civic and ceremonial one which carries no formal duties or powers. It is however an important link between the council, the people and the courts.

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Civic Secretary,
Ipswich Borough Council,
2W Grafton House,
15-17 Russell Road,

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01473 432641