Pollution, noise and nuisance

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Find out how we monitor and control air, noise and land pollution, including how you can report issues.

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As part of the Council's drive to improve air quality, the Council applied for a bid to Defra as part of their Air Quality grant scheme to deliver a project focusing on reducing concentrations of particulate matter. The Council were successful with their application bid and have been awarded £115,632 in funding.
Idling is when an engine is left running when the vehicle is not in use.
All of us that live and work in Ipswich have a responsibility for reducing pollution in the air in our town.
Air pollution is the name for different types of pollution that are in the air which can cause harm if you breathe them in.
Should you have any questions or in relation to a letter you have received then please visit our FAQ’s.
Air Pollution Lesson Resources
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