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Private landlords and tenants

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Know your rights as a privately renting tenant and your responsibilities as a landlord. Also includes information on Houses in multiple occupation (shared housing).

Suffolk's Warm Homes Healthy People project helps vulnerable people and families make their homes cheaper to heat.
The Council has a Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy that offers assistance to landlords and first time buyers who wish to bring a property that has been empty for longer than one year, back into use.
When a property has been unoccupied for at least six months and we feel that the property is unlikely to be occupied in the near future, we will consider making an Empty Dwelling Management Order (EDMO).
Action that the council can take with regard to empty properties or those in a poor state of repair.
Knowing who is responsible for clearing a blocked drain or sewer is one of the hardest parts of drainage work.
It is a criminal offence if your landlord to tries to force you out of your home or evicts you without following the proper procedures.
To deal with a condensation problem effectively, you will need to keep your home ventilated, keep it warm and reduce moisture.
Report It Empty is a scheme that has been set up to help identify empty homes that may otherwise go undetected.
From 1 April 2018 – all tenancies starting new or renewing after this date MUST have at least an E-rating on the property's EPC by law.


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