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Contact the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline to report problems with litter bins, graffiti, fly-posting, fly-tipping and more.

How to report issues such as, dog fouling, graffiti, fly-posting, fly-tipping or illegal dumping, abandoned needles and syringes, leaves and litter.
Ipswich Borough Council has a dedicated graffiti team whose mission is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.
Ipswich Borough Council has a flexible leaf clearance programme which can be adjusted to when and where accumulations of leaves occur.
A guide for volunteer litter pickers.
The Council removes dead animals from the public highway. Unfortunately the service does not cover the removal of dead animals from private land.

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Cleaner Ipswich Hotline,
Gipping House,
7 Whittle Road,
Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate,

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01473 432000