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A full Local Authority Land Charges search comprises the following:

  • LLC1 (Official Certificate of Search);
  • CON 29 (Enquiries of Local Authority);
  • CON 29O (Optional Enquiries of Local Authority).

We accept these enquiries electronically via PALC and other electronic search providers.

Most searches will be completed within 7 working days. However, please be aware that where the matter is more complex, or requires input from third parties this could take longer.

LLC1 - Official Certificate of Search of the Local Land Charges Register

Form LLC1 (Local Land Charges Rules 1977 Schedule 1, form C) is required for a search of the Local Land Charges Register entries held against the land or property. These include:

  • planning consents;
  • grants;
  • legal agreements;
  • enforcement notices;
  • listed buildings;
  • tree preservation orders;
  • accounts.

CON29 and CON29O - Enquiries of Local Authority (2016)

The CON 29 and CON29O forms raise standard and optional enquiries regarding the land or property.

'Standard' enquiries include:

  • information on nearby road schemes;
  • planning and building decisions pending;
  • outstanding notices.

'Optional' enquiries include:

  • Questions 4 - 22 on CON29O form
  • any specific enquiries of your own.

IBC will only answer optional enquiry Question 22 of CON29O if it is submitted with a full CON29 application. Individual Question 22 requests (without a full CON29 application) should be submitted directly to Suffolk County Council at land.charges@suffolk.gov.uk who hold this information.

These incur additional fees. For more information see our Search Fees page.

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