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Securing your first job isn't just about having qualifications - most employers are looking for relevant experience too. An apprenticeship with Ipswich Borough Council is a great stepping stone to your career, giving you valuable experience in the workplace, your own income and recognised qualifications.

Career choices

These are just a few of the careers that could begin with an Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship:

  • Events Manager - organising festivals and events
  • Accountant - managing budgets
  • Plumber - building and repairing hot and cold water systems
  • IT Professional - ensuring technology is up and running
  • Gardener - keeping our parks beautiful all year round
  • Customer Service Advisor - helping customers with their queries
  • Electrician - installing safe power systems in homes
  • Benefits Officer - advising on benefits entitlements.


Our benefits give you even more reasons to apply for an Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship:

  • Choice: Our apprenticeships are spread across the business, with both practical and professional programmes on offer.
  • Better pay: We pay our apprentices 140% of the National Apprenticeship wage in the first year, and at least this amount or more in subsequent years, depending on your age and apprenticeship term.
  • ‘Large organisation’ experience: An Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship means working within a large, multi-functional business, giving you greater exposure to a wide range of customers and professions - great for your CV in the future.
  • Employed status: All of our apprentices have a contract of employment whilst on their apprenticeship; this is so much more than just a placement.
  • Career links: Each Ipswich Borough Council apprenticeship is built into part of our business, so your programme and experience will link well to the career area you want to work in.
  • Support: We provide dedicated support and advice throughout your apprenticeship to help you succeed.
  • Good prospects: Ipswich Borough Council apprentices can apply for suitable vacancies across the organisation; many past apprentices are still working for us!
  • Discounts and preferential rates: Our apprentices are eligible to apply for special deals on a range of goods and services.

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