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Known delays

Sometimes, collections can be delayed due to factors out of our control. This includes roadworks, vehicle breakdowns, crew sickness, severe weather or parked cars preventing safe access.

Please check our dedicated webpage for any known delays in your area. If your road is listed, it means that we are already aware that your bin has yet to be collected. Therefore, please do not report a missed collection, and continue to leave your bin out. The collection will be made as soon as possible.

Check for known bin collection delays

Report a missed bin

Collections can take place anytime between 6am - 6pm on your collection day.

If your bin is not emptied by 8am the day after your usual collection day and there is no known delays in your area there may be another reason why.

For example:

  • Your blue or brown bin has been contaminated with something which cannot be collected in it. If this is the case the bin will have a coloured sticker on it. Please see the blue bin and brown bin information pages for items that can be collected;
  • Your bin is overloaded and so unsuitable for collection;
  • Your bin was not on the edge of your boundary at time of collection. See Where to put your bin.

If you have excluded all of the above, you can report a missed bin using the button below, or get in touch using the contact details provided on this page.

Report it now

If you are infirm or have a disability and have difficulty in putting your bin out we can offer assistance each week. Please contact us for further information.

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