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Unfortunately we have not been able to collect the bins in Orwell Gardens. We apologise for the inconvenience and will try again on Monday (26th February).

Public toilets

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Council-owned public toilets (with facilities for disabled persons)

  • Alexandra Park, Ipswich IP4 1NY
  • Bourne Park Gardens, Bourne Park, Ipswich IP2 8LF
  • Chantry Park, Ipswich IP2 0BJ
  • Christchurch Park, Westerfield Road, Ipswich IP4 2UJ
  • Christchurch Park (Arc Facilities, Lower Arboretum), Ipswich IP1 3SH
  • Christchurch Park (Reg Driver Visitors Centre), Ipswich IP4 2EE
  • Christchurch Park (Upper Arboretum), Henley Road, Ipswich IP1 3SH
  • Holywells Park, Ipswich IP3 8EJ
  • Ipswich Crematorium, Cemetery Lane, Ipswich IP4 2TQ
  • Lawn Cemetery, Cemetery Lane, Ipswich IP4 2TQ
  • Major's Corner, Ipswich IP4 2AS
  • Millenium Cemetery, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich IP4 3QH
  • Old Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Ipswich IP4 4AL

Council-owned public toilets

  • Bramford Lane Recreation Ground, Bramford Lane, Ipswich IP1 5JX
  • Castle Hill Recreation Ground, Elmcroft Road, Ipswich IP1 6NE
  • Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground, Dumbarton Road, Ipswich IP4 3JN
  • Gippeswyk Park, Ipswich IP2 9AA
  • Murray Park, Murray Road, Ipswich IP3 9AH
  • Whitehouse Park, Norwich Road, Ipswich IP1 6JY

National Key Scheme keys sold here

  • Tourist Information Centre, St Stephen's Lane, Ipswich IP1 1DP

Accessible toilets

The disabled persons toilets in our parks require a special key, which can be used throughout the country wherever the National Key Scheme operates.

Keys can be purchased for £3.50 from the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre (proof of eligibility required).

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