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Management is an ongoing process across all areas of Orwell Country Park. Please be advised that vegetation might overgrow paths at some times of the year as maintenance is often restricted to the winter months when bird nesting activity is reduced.

If you are curious about the management occurring across the Country Park please contact the parks team on the details provided in the contact section below.

Wildlife Sensitivity

Due to the local, national and international importance of some of the species in the country park, we try our hardest to make sure both the wildlife and the visitors are comfortable and enjoying their experience at the park.

As a result, we do request that noise and disturbance is minimal in areas of high bird activity along the foreshore, particularly during the winter months. This includes keeping dogs under control to avoid scaring birds away from their feeding grounds and reducing stress, securing their place at the country park for all to appreciate.

Please also ensure to respect the wildlife and remain on the footpaths outlined when walking around Brazier’s Meadow. These paths have been specifically created to avoid areas of skylark breeding activity as these birds nest on the ground and are easily spooked by walkers and dog activity.


To report any damage or antisocial behaviour occurring in the country park please contact Ipswich Borough Council’s Park Patrol Hotline on 01473 432132

For enquiries about any other aspect of Orwell Country Park please contact:


Phone: 01473 433998

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