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Park locations and opening times

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Park locations

Alexandra Park
Ipswich IP4 1NY
Bourne Park
Ipswich IP2 8LU
Chantry Park
Ipswich IP2 0BS
Christchurch Park
Ipswich IP4 2BX
Gippeswyk Park
Ipswich IP2 0AD
Holywells Park
Ipswich IP3 0PG
Landseer Park
Ipswich IP3 0HD
Murray Park
Ipswich IP3 9AH
Orwell Country Park
Ipswich IP3 0LG
Stonelodge Park
Ipswich IP2 0QY
Whitehouse Park
Ipswich IP1 6JX

Opening times

Christchurch Park opens at 07:00 every day. All other parks open at 07:30 Monday - Saturday and 09:00 on Sundays, with the exception of Chantry and Bourne Parks which are open 24 hours a day.

Closing times

Closing times vary according to the season.

The table below shows the closing times for Christchurch* and Holywells Parks only. All of our other parks and toilets are locked 45 minutes before sunset, with the exception of Chantry and Bourne Parks which are not locked.

A whistle is blown when locking time commences so please make your way to the nearest exit.

The following gates are opened first and closed last:

  • Christchurch Park - Bolton Lane
  • Holywells Park - Cliff Lane

* Please note that the Arboretum gates at Christchurch Park are locked 15 minutes before all other gates.

B.S.T. Begins 31st March 2019 and ends 27th October 2019

Christchurch Park and Holywells Park

  From Locking starts Locking finishes
January 14th 16:30 16:45
  21st 16:45 17:00
February 4th 17:00 17:15
  25th 17:30 17:45
March 4th 17:45 18:00
  11th 18:00 18:15
  25th 18:30 18:45
April 1st 19:30 19:45
  8th 20:00 20:15
  22nd 20:30 20:45
May 6th 20:45 21:00
  20th 21:00 21:15
June 3rd 21:15 21:30
July 1st 21:15 21:30
August 5th 21:00 21:15
  19th 20:30 20:45
September 2nd 20:00 20:15
  16th 19:30 19:45
  30th 19:00 19:15
October 14th 18:30 18:45
  21st 18:00 18:15
  28th 17:00 17:15
November 4th 16:30 16:45
December 1st 16:30 16:45

Park toilets

Find out which parks have toilets and when they open and close on our public toilets page.

Download our park and toilet closing times for 2019.

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