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Site inspections

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Once you have submitted your Building Notice or Full Plans Application you can start work at any time, providing that you notify Ipswich Borough Council of your proposed start date. However, when applying using the Full Plans Procedure it might be sensible to wait until you have received your approval before starting work.

Building Regulations require that you or your builder notify the local council at various stages so that the work can be inspected.

An inspection regime will be agreed at the start of your project. You are required to give minimum periods of notice for these inspections. For a morning inspection you must phone the day before but if you phone before 10.00 the inspection will be carried out the same day.

You can request an inspection by contacting the Building Control team. 

Inspections can cover:

  • Commencement of work;
  • Foundation excavations;
  • Concrete in foundations;
  • Oversite preparation;
  • Damp-proof courses;
  • Drainage before covering over;
  • Drainage after haunching or covering;
  • Occupation of the building or part of the building;
  • Completion of work.

It should be noted that additional inspections might also be considered necessary following discussions with the Building Control Surveyor during the course of the work, such as:

  • Floors;
  • Steelwork and supporting structure;
  • Roof structures;
  • Wall structures;
  • Insulation;
  • Fire protection work and systems.