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Sponsor the Ipswich Entertains events programme

Join our group of exclusive sponsors and support the Ipswich Entertains events programme today.

Our most popular events include the Maritime Festival, Ipswich Music Day, Indian Summer Mela, Global Rhythm, Open Air Cinema and the Christmas Lights Switch-on but we also deliver smaller events such as the Crafted Classique, Open Air Theatre, Family Fun Days and Teddy Bears’ Picnic to name a few. 

We can attract audiences of 240,000 people through the hosting and homing of events in Ipswich. Tap into this large local audience and design a bespoke sponsorship package with our team that targets your marketing efforts and generates valuable brand awareness for your business. 

View the Sponsorship Brochure. 

Working in partnership with our sponsors we use a number of innovative approaches to meet their bespoke needs year on year. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Headline event sponsorship: do you love one of our events in particular?  Would you like your name branded all over it so everyone knows you played a key role in making it happen?  Own the branding for the entire event and have your name in lights like Crafted did for our Crafted Classique cycling event. The Maritime Festival brought to you by XXX – it’s just a conversation away!
  • Main stage advertising: for an instant footfall of thousands, sponsors such as BBC Radio Suffolk, University of Suffolk and Suffolk New College, alongside others, choose to promote themselves by sponsoring a main stage at Ipswich Music Day, branding it up accordingly to reflect their community involvement.
  • Event feature: do you have a product that aligns itself with one of our events or would you like to get more involved with a specific feature at one of our events?  Why not sponsor our Beer and Cider Festival or Demonstration Kitchen at Maritime or own the branding for our Kids Zone at Ipswich Music Day? These are great opportunities for those who want to engage with our events on a product placement level, tapping into a focused audience there to enjoy themselves!
  • Brand activation space: an area, or pitch, at our events for sponsors to get creative. For example, Wagamama use a tri porter bike to move around our events and promote their new launch of smoothies, whereas Empire Cinemas use our Open Air Cinema event to promote their upcoming films.
  • Big screen advertising: do you have a visual advert that you want to share with a local audience? Our sponsors find on-screen adverts and images played at our outdoor cinema events before our films start a great way to promote their local branch.
  • Strategic banner placement: prominent placement of company banners at our events provide businesses with a visual advertising opportunity that will be seen by thousands of people.
  • Brand association: all of our sponsors are given an online presence (on our website and social media channels) and added to any programme-specific literature produced throughout the year, including in our dedicated Music Day programme printed and created by another one of our loyal sponsors, Grapevine. We also include sponsor logos on the design of our events staff uniform and events vehicle, that travels the length and breadth of Ipswich during the summer season.

Our sponsors

The Ipswich Entertains event programme would not be possible without the backing of our sponsors, their generous support helps us bring a wide variety of free events to the residents of Ipswich year after year. Thank you to all our sponsors new and old, we are all extremely grateful.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to join this group of elite sponsors and help support our long-standing programme of vibrant events!