How to vote in the Ipswich Borough Council elections on Thursday 2 May

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Elections are taking place in every ward of Ipswich on Thursday 2 May to elect 16 councillors, one per ward, to Ipswich Borough Council. 

Additionally on Thursday 2 May, there is a Police and Crime Commissioner election being held to elect one commissioner for Suffolk.

To be able to cast a vote in these elections, you need to be registered. Registrations for the Thursday 2 May elections close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 16 April 2024.

If you are not already registered or you need to change your details, you can do this online.

Polling Stations 

When you vote in person, you go to your allocated polling station, which is based on your address on the electoral register.  Your poll card, which is posted to you a few weeks before polling day, tells you where your allocated polling station is. It might not be the closest one to where you live and it might have changed since the last time you voted. You must go to your allocated polling station and not another one, because your allocated ballot paper(s) will be waiting for you there and not at a different polling station.

You can use Find your polling station to lookup your allocated polling station or visit this webpage.

A poll card does not need to be taken to the polling station to be able to vote. Make sure you have an accepted form of Photographic ID or your Voter Authority Certificate with you before you go to the polling station, because you cannot vote without it.

How to vote at your polling station

  1. Go to your polling station between 7am to 10pm on polling day.
  2. If there is a queue join the end and when it is your turn tell the polling station staff your name and address, or give them your poll card if you have taken it with you.
  3. You will then need to show your photographic ID or Voter Authority Certificate to the staff. A private area will be available to have your ID checked if that is your preference. This will be a separate area within the polling station separated by a privacy screen.
  4. Once staff are happy with your ID check, you will be given your ballot paper(s) and you need to take it over to the polling booth to cast your vote in secret.
  5. Read the instructions on the ballot paper(s) carefully and then complete your ballot paper(s) using the pencil provided or your own pen / pencil.
  6. Then fold your ballot paper in half and put it in the ballot box provided.

Here is accessibility information about each polling station venue and a page to help you find your polling station.

Watch our guide to voting.

Postal voting

If you are registered to vote and are not already a postal voter and you want to vote by post in the 2 May elections, you must submit a postal vote application online, or by using this Application to vote by post form. The deadline to apply for a postal vote for this election is 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2024. 

Anyone can apply to vote by post, you do not need to give a reason.

Proxy voting

If you are not able to go to your polling station and do not want to vote by post, someone else can vote for you. You select the person who you want to be your proxy and tell them how to cast your vote.

You can apply online or use this Proxy vote Application form

If you are registered to vote, and are not already a postal voter, you can submit a proxy vote application form before the deadline at 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2024.  

For further details on postal and proxy voting.

The elections are organised by Ipswich Borough Council. The Council can be contacted to find out if you are registered or with other queries such as about postal and proxy votes.

Elections helpline: 01473 432000.