Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

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What is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can be issued to any driver for a parking contravention (disobeying parking restrictions), for driving in a prohibited zone, or for failing to pay a required charge.

Drivers are responsible for paying attention to road markings, signs and notices about parking and driving restrictions and acting accordingly. Vehicles can also be clamped or removed if parked in contravention.

View a full list of contraventions that PCNs are issued for.


The two levels of contravention that can lead to a PCN (parking) being issued are:

Paid within 14 days (reduced)Paid after 14 days
Lower contravention£25£50
Higher contravention£35£70

I have received a Penalty Charge Notice, what do I need to do?

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued by Ipswich Borough Council, you have two options:

  • Pay the Penalty Charge Notice
  • Appeal the Penalty Charge Notice

Pay the Penalty Charge Notice

To pay you will need the 10-digit PCN reference listed on your PCN and your vehicle registration number. A 50% discount will be applied to your charge if you pay within the discount period as shown on the PCN.

PLEASE NOTE: If you pay after the period, the PCN amount will be increased by 50%. Pay today to receive the discount.

Can I view my Penalty Charge Notice photos?

Yes, just simply click on the button below to view the photos that were taken by the Civil Enforcement Officer at the time of conservation (PCN issued).

Please note: It can take up to 48 hours from the PCN being issued for photos to be available.

View your PCN photos

How can I pay?


Make a payment

By phone

01473 433777

In person

You can pay cash in person at a network of Post Offices and Payzone across Ipswich. Cheques and Postal Orders are accepted at Post Offices. You will need to take the PCN with you. 

Appeal the Penalty Charge Notice

You have two opportunities to challenge a PCN to the council, dependent on its stage of progression.

More information on how to appeal is available here.

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