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Everything you would like to know about Holywells Park.

An introduction to the park and visitor information. Take a virtual tour of our facilities!
Where you can find the main parks in Ipswich and the times they are open.
Ipswich Borough Council received a grant of £2.8 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Big Lottery Fund (BIG) for the Holywells "Parks for People" restoration project in July 2012.
A series of events and activities made possible by the Holywells Park lottery fund.
The Holywells estate was opened as a park in 1936, but it has a history dating back to medieval times.
Our Wildlife and Parks teams have created walks around 12 of our parks and open spaces to encourage use of particular paths to avoid disturbance to wildlife, encourage use of under used areas of the parks and improve access to nature for mental health and wellbeing.
The Environmental Education Pack is designed for use by teachers, community groups and families to have fun learning about Holywells Park and its wildlife, introducing young people to the natural environment.

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