Parking permits and waivers

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Apply for season tickets, residents permits, tradesperson and business permits.

For permits to place a skip on the highway visit the Suffolk County Council website.

Ipswich Borough Council operates a virtual permit scheme.
Ipswich has five residents' parking zones.
Frequently asked questions on virtual residents' permits.
A tradesperson working in Residents' Parking Zones may apply for an exemption permit.
Certain statutory services or care providers can apply for an Carers Permit for use in Residents Parking Zones.
School parking permits can only be applied for by the schools.
You can apply for a dispensation to park where restrictions would not normally allow it. Dispensations are only issued when there is no viable alternative.
You can apply for a suspension when a restricted bay needs to be reserved for a specific reason, such as moving house.
How to purchase a season ticket for West End Road, Princes Street, Norwich Road Shoppers, Fore Street, Portman Road A, B, C and D car parks.
Are you a hybrid or part time worker? If you are only visiting the office once or twice a week, you can still save money when parking by purchasing a bundle of Pre-Paid All Day Tickets.


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