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Retail studies, employment land availability, wildlife audits, and other technical reports.

About Employment Land Availability reports and how to source available commercial properties in Ipswich.
Ipswich Borough Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council have undertaken a joint Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) as part of the evidence base for their emerging Local Plans.
Supplementary Planning Guidance is produced by the Council to supplement Local Plan policies, providing further details on how Local Plan policies should be interpreted or applied in practice.
The Council undertakes surveys each year to monitor the types of uses and number of vacant units within the Central Shopping Area and the District and Local Centres.
In 2012 the Council commissioned Suffolk Wildlife Trust Trading Limited to update the Ipswich Wildlife Audit from 2000. The audit has been carried out over two years and was completed in autumn 2013.
A Borough-wide retail and commercial leisure needs assessment.
The Council has prepared a number of draft planning briefs for the residential development of sites around Ipswich.

Local Planning Authorities have to produce a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) to inform their land use allocations and planning policies . The 2020 Ipswich SFRA comprises a main report and appendices which refer to potential sources of flooding considered likely to affect Ipswich. Ipswich Borough Council's new Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was published in October 2020. This supersedes the Level 2 SFRA prepared in 2011. The new SFRA can be downloaded below;

The Suffolk Haven Gateway Employment Land Review (SHGELR) was commissioned by the Haven Gateway Partnership, on behalf of Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk Coastal and Babergh District Councils, and Suffolk County Council, as part of the evidence base for the emerging Local Development Framework.
In 2004, Ipswich Borough Council commissioned Urban Initiatives to prepare an urban design brief for a number of sites surrounding Ipswich Town Football Club. 


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