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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide guidance on applying Local Plan policies.

The Low Emissions Supplementary Planning Document supports the delivery of two aspects of Local Plan policy. The first concerns the impact of development on air quality, and vice versa where poor air quality could impact on the occupiers of development. The second concerns car parking guidance for development within the IP-One area of central Ipswich and how parking provision could influence travel choices and consequently affect the contribution vehicle emissions make to air pollution.
The Development and Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document has been prepared to help developers and their agents to submit appropriate flood risk and flood risk management information with planning applications in Ipswich, to help mitigate potential flood risk in the location and design of development.
A summary of the adopted Ipswich Borough Council SPDs and developing SPDs.
The Suffolk Coast RAMS Supplementary Planning Document has been prepared to support the implementation of the Suffolk Coast Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy.
View the adopted version of the SPD (approved by Council 22nd March 2017) and associated adoption statement
The Development and Archaeology Supplementary Planning Document highlights the considerations and processes for the management of archaeological remains through the development process.
The adopted Public Open Space Supplementary Planning Document covers ten different types or typologies of public open space.
The Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document gives advice on shopfront design and explains the Council's policies.
The Cycling Strategy Supplementary Planning Document gives guidance on providing cycle routes, parking and storage in new developments.
The Space and Design Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document provides guidance for anyone intending to extend their home, developing land within the boundaries of their property or developing small infill or backland sites


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