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Supplementary Planning Documents

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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide guidance on applying Local Plan policies.

Recently adopted and progressing SPDs.
Please note that the Suffolk Coast RAMS SPD is an Ipswich Borough Council document covering the Ipswich Local Authority area only.
The Development and Archaeology SPD highlights the considerations and processes for the management of archaeological remains through the development process. It should be read alongside the policies of the Ipswich Local Plan adopted February 2017, mainly Policy DM8 Heritage Assets and Conservation. It is relevant to archaeological remains of all dates and types across the Borough, and will help developers and homeowners to plan development projects.
The Council commissioned a sustainability appraisal of the Northern Fringe Area Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document issues and Options from Hyder Consulting (UK) Limited.
The adopted Public Open Space SPD covers ten different types or typologies of public open space.
This Supplementary Planning Document gives advice on shopfront design and explain the Council's policies.
This Supplementary Planning Document gives guidance on providing cycle routes, parking and storage in new developments.
The Space and Design Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document provides guidance for anyone intending to extend their home; to develop land within the boundaries of their property; or to develop small infill or backland sites
The Urban Character SPD provides design guidance to support the implementation of adopted Core Strategy policies CS2 and DM5, which aim to protect and enhance the special character and distinctiveness of Ipswich.
Ipswich Borough Council adopted a Development and Flood Risk Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 18th September 2013.


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