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Draft, Proposed and Pre-submission Plans

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The Council is producing a new Local Plan which will set out the policies against which all planning applications will be assessed.

The new Local Plan will comprise:

  1. Core Strategy and Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) Review; and
  2. Site Allocations and Policies (Incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) DPD

The plans were submitted to the Secretary of State on 14th December 2015 for examination. View the latest information on the Examination.

Key documents can be viewed via the links below. Supporting documents and evidence can be found on the Submission page.

Pre-Submission Main Modifications documents (Consultation 9th October - 23rd November 2015)

In addition to the Pre-Submission Main Modifications, a number of Additional Modifications have been published which were not the subject of public consultation in 2015. These are being considered by the Planning Inspector as part of the Ipswich Local Plan Examination. Please find below, the Additional Modifications for each document:

Please also see the two documents below showing all the Modifications proposed and how the alter Proposed Submission documents:

Proposed Submission documents (Consultation 12th December 2014 – 5th March 2015)

Prior to the Proposed Submission and Pre-Submission Main Modifications consultations, consultation on a draft Core Strategy and Policies focused review and the Draft Site Allocations and Policies (Incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) DPD was carried out between 13th January and 10th March 2014. Following this consultation the Council decided that the extent of changes to the Core Strategy amounted to a full review.

Production of the Site Allocations and Policies (Incorporating IP-One Area Action Plan) DPD commenced in 2005. An initial consultation was carried out in January 2005, followed by Issues and Options in June – July 2006 and Preferred Options in January – March 2008. Documents produced prior to 2013 can be viewed via the Core Document Library – Local Plan Documents page.

Draft plans (Consultation 13th January - 10th March 2014)

Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment

Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the requirements for Strategic Environmental Assessment) is an important, and statutory, part of the preparation of a Local Plan. It informs the production of a plan by testing it against economic, environmental and social objectives. Pre-2013 stages in the Sustainability Appraisal process and Scoping Reports, which establish the Sustainability Appraisal methodology, can be viewed via the Core Document Library - Local Plan Documents page.

Please note that final Sustainability Appraisal reports, combining the Proposed Submission Sustainability Reports and the Addenda relating to the Pre-Submission Main Modifications, have been produced for Submission and can be viewed via the Core Document Library – Submission Documents page.

Habitats Regulations Assessment is required to ensure that there will be no harm to the integrity of European protected sites.

You may find our Local Plan Glossary helpful as an introductory guide to Local Plan issues.