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We are currently streamlining our processes, which means when we collect your rent via Direct Debit it will have a new account reference. This does not change the way in which we collect Direct Debits. If you pay between 16th – 22nd of the month your October payment will be taken later than planned.

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Statement of Community Involvement (superseded by 2014 SCI)

2007Ipswich Borough Council
ICD02Local Development Scheme – 8th EditionSept 2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD02aLocal Development Scheme – 9th EditionOct 2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD02bLocal Development Scheme 1st EditionJan 2005Ipswich Borough Council
ICD02cLocal Development Scheme - 6th EditionJuly 2012Ipswich Borough Council
ICD03Authority Monitoring Report 2013/142014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD03aAuthority Monitoring Report 2014/152015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD03bAuthority Monitoring Report 2012/132014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD03cAuthority Monitoring Report 2011/122013Ipswich Borough Council
ICD04State of Ipswich 20142014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD05Ipswich Housing Strategy 2010/11 – 2015/162014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD06Ipswich Housing Needs Study2005Fordham Research
ICD07Affordable Housing Position Statement2013Ipswich Borough Council
ICD08Ipswich Housing Market Area Population and Household Projections2013Luton Traded Services, Luton Borough Council

Ipswich Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. See website for maps

2010Ipswich Borough Council
ICD10Housing Land Availability ReportMar 2015Ipswich Borough Council

Ipswich Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (update November 2013). See website for maps

Nov 2013Ipswich Borough Council
ICD12East of England Forecasting Model (2012) and Technical Report2012Oxford Economics
ICD13East of England Forecasting Model (2013) and Technical Report2013Oxford Economics
ICD13aEast of England Forecasting Model (2014) (Technical Report and Ipswich figures)2014, published 2015Oxford Economics

Employment Land Availability Report 2014 and Maps

2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD14aEmployment Land Availability Report (2015) and Maps2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD15Ipswich Town Centre Opportunity Areas Report2013DTZ
ICD16Town Centre Masterplan2012Ipswich Borough Council
ICD17Ipswich Retail Study 20052005DTZ
ICD18Retail and Commercial Leisure Study2010Strategic Perspectives
ICD19District and Local Centres Survey (2014)2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD19aDistrict and Local Centres Survey (2015)2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD20Central Shopping Area – Identified Frontages Survey (2014)2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD20aCentral Shopping Area – Identified Frontages Survey (2015)2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD21Retail Parks Survey 2014Feb 2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD21aRetail Parks Survey 2015
April 2016Ipswich Borough Council
ICD22Ipswich Environment Strategy2010Ipswich Borough Council
ICD23Ipswich Open Space and Biodiversity Policy2013Ipswich Borough Council
ICD24Ipswich Wildlife Audit (2012-13)2007Suffolk Wildlife Trust Trading Limited
ICD25Tree Management Policy2010Ipswich Borough Council
ICD26Greenways Annual Report 2013-14 (incorporated within Newsletter)2014Greenways Countryside Project
ICD26aGreenways Annual Report 2014-15 (incorporated within Newsletter)2015Greenways Countryside Project
ICD27Vibrant Ipswich Cultural Study2011Ipswich Borough Council
ICD28Building a Better Ipswich2012Ipswich Borough Council
ICD29A Cycle Strategy for Ipswich1997Ipswich Borough Council
ICD30Draft Cycling Strategy Supplementary Planning Document2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD31Space and Design Guidelines Supplementary Planning Document2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD32Ipswich IP-One Area Action Plan2003GVA Grimley
ICD33Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 22011Ipswich Borough Council
ICD34Ipswich Drainage and Flood Defence Policy2009Ipswich Borough Council

Definitive statement of public rights of way , Definitive map - east and Definitive map - west

2013Suffolk County Council
ICD36Ipswich Flood Defence Management Strategy2005Environment Agency
ICD37Ipswich Flood Defence Management Scheme Tidal Barrier Works2010Environment Agency
ICD38Development and Flood Risk supplementary planning document (updated 2014)2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD39Flood Risk Sequential Statement2011Ipswich Borough Council
ICD40Flood Risk Sequential Test and Exception Test Statement2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD41IMPACT Carbon Management Plan2009Ipswich Borough Council
ICD42Culture and Leisure Needs Analysis2009PMP Genesis
ICD43Ipswich Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study2009PMP Genesis
ICD44Public Open Space Supplementary Planning Guidance1998Ipswich Borough Council
ICD45Ipswich Waterfront Transport Study2007Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council
ICD46Ipswich: fit for the 21st Century Major Scheme (now known as Travel Ipswich)AECOM and Suffolk County Council
ICD47 -
ICD48Ipswich Transport Model Assessment2010AECOM
ICD48a -
ICD48bBackground to the Transport Evidence informing the Ipswich Local PlanDec 2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD49Preliminary NATA Study of Options for Access to Ipswich Port Area (only available on paper)2000Atkins
ICD50Local Air Quality Management – Air Quality Action Plan2008Ipswich Borough Council
ICD51University Campus Suffolk: Estate Masterplan2011University Campus Suffolk
ICD52Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust: Estates Strategy2012Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
ICD53River Action Group: Ipswich River Strategy Update2012River Action Group
ICD54Ipswich Cultural Strategy (2011 - 2014)2006Ipswich Borough Council
ICD55Ipswich Garden Suburb Supplementary Planning Document Interim Guidance2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD56Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment2013Hyder
ICD56aInitial Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Report - Options Development2013Hyder
ICD57Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment – Non-Technical Summary2013Hyder
ICD58Ipswich Garden Suburb SPD Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment – Addendum2014Hyder
ICD58aIpswich Northern Fringe Assessment of Retail Requirements2013NLP
ICD59Ipswich Urban Design Policies Viability Study2010Essex Design Initiative
ICD60Ipswich Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Viability Study2010Camco
ICD61Local List (Buildings of Townscape Interest) Supplementary Planning Document2013Ipswich Borough Council

Urban Character Study Supplementary Planning Documents:

2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD63Barrack Corner Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD64Burlington Road Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD65Henley Road Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD66Cemeteries Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD67Whitton Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD68Christchurch Street Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD69Park Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD70Central Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD71Stoke Conservation Area AppraisalIpswich Borough Council
ICD72Norwich Road/Anglesea Road Conservation Area Appraisal (updated May 2016)May 2016Ipswich Borough Council
ICD73Wet Dock Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan2011Ipswich Borough Council
ICD73aMarlborough Road Conservation Area Appraisal2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD74Ipswich Borough Council Allotment Strategy2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD75Ipswich Playing Pitch Strategy2009PMP
ICD76Ipswich Economic Development Strategy 2013 - 20262015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD77Ipswich Surface Water Management Plan – Phase 3 Report2012Suffolk Flood Risk Management Partnership
ICD78Equiped Play Area Strategy2014Ipswich Borough Council
ICD79Turning our Town Around - Advancing our Vision to create East Anglia's Waterfront Town2015Various
ICD80Central Shopping Area Frontages SPG (1997)1997Ipswich Borough Council
ICD81Suffolk Housing Survey: Ipswich Summary2015Ipswich Borough Council
ICD82Visitor Survey for Orwell Country ParkDec 2015The Landscape Partnership for Ipswich Borough Council
ICD83Eco Network Leaflet2015Ipswich Borough Council

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