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Types of Planning Application

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The type of application is revealed by the suffix lettering in its reference number.

FUL - Full planning permission application

Most applications are for Full Planning Permission ("FUL"). Here, full details of the proposal must be submitted with the application. Further information is available in the application guidance notes provided with the form.

OUT - Outline planning permission application

It is possible to make an application for Outline planning permission ("OUT"), where certain details of a proposal are specified and others will remain to be dealt with by a later 'Reserved Matters' ("REM") application.

The Council must consider whether the details provided are sufficient enough to give a commitment in principle. If not, and the applicant is not willing to supply sufficient details, then the application will be refused. In certain circumstances it may not be appropriate to make an outline application - the situation may be particularly sensitive so full details may be required.

LBC - Listed Building planning application

Listed Building Consent ("LBC") is required for proposals which demolish, alter or extend a building listed as being of architectural or historic interest. There are over 600 listed buildings in Ipswich and we aim to look after them all properly. As a result, precise details of proposals affecting these buildings will be required in any applications made. Conservation officers are available to offer specialist advice and assistance.

CAC - Conservation consent planning application

Conservation Consent ("CAC") is required for the demolition of unlisted buildings within Conservation Areas. However, there are certain exceptions, and our Planning Officers will be pleased to advise you on these.

ADV - Advertisement consent planning application

Advertisement Consent ("ADV") is required for the display of many advertisements in Ipswich. This may be in addition to Listed Building Consent if you are dealing with a Listed Building. The Council believes that careful control of advertising is essential, and therefore we will seek high standards of design.

TALF, CALF and PALF - Planning applications for works to trees

Consent is required for certain works to trees, in particular applications for lopping and felling ("TALF", "CALF" or "PALF").

Some trees may be protected by Tree Preservation Orders, by conditions of planning permission, or by virtue of the tree being located within a Conservation Area. Again there are exceptions and various procedural requirements applying to each type of application.

Forms for such applications are available, but they may also be made in letter form provided that they are accompanied by a sketch identifying reasonably accurately, by reference to fixed features, the trees in question.

HSC - Hazardous substances consent

Hazardous Substances consent ("HSC") is necessary for the handling of certain hazardous industrial substances. This is a specialist area, which those affected should be aware of.

LDC - Lawful Development Certificate

Applications for Lawful Development Certificates ("LDC") seek to establish that a physical development or a land use is lawful, either through the granting of the planning permission, or through the passage of time.

Minerals and Waste processing disposal

Applications regarding Minerals and Waste processing disposal must be dealt with by Suffolk County Council.