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How to get your food business registered or your premises approved and information on food hygiene ratings.

Food businesses in Ipswich need to register all of their premises with the Council before opening or before starting to use new premises. You may be fined, imprisoned for up to two years or both if you run a food business without registering.
If you intend to set up a business that manufactures or handles (for example, slicing and re-wrapping) products of animal origin* for sale onto other businesses, your premises may have to be approved instead.
The law requires that food business operators must register every separate unit of their food business establishment that carries out any of the stages of production, processing and distribution of food.
Ipswich Borough Council has rolled out the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.
These tips are based on the findings of officers when inspecting businesses with a 5 rating.
If you believe that the Food Hygiene rating you have been given is unfair or wrong you can request another inspection using our online form.

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