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Information and advice regarding the conservation of our historic and natural environments. Find out about listed buildings, conservation areas, buildings at risk and more.

About conservation and urban design at Ipswich Borough Council.
Listed Buildings are buildings which the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has deemed to have special architectural or historic interest.
The procedure for Listed Building Consent is similar to that for planning permission.
There are 15 designated Conservation Areas in Ipswich.

Some areas and some buildings are particularly susceptible to harm caused by a succession of small changes, or by a change of use away from the building's original use. In the case of unlisted buildings many unsympathetic changes and several changes of use could occur without the need for planning permission - this would constitute "permitted development".

In recent decades Ipswich has been remarkably fortunate in ensuring that very few of its protected historic buildings have been destroyed.
The Urban Character SPD provides design guidance to support the implementation of adopted Core Strategy policies CS2 and DM5, which aim to protect and enhance the special character and distinctiveness of Ipswich.
The Local List SPD and revisions identify buildings and structures, which are of local architectural and historic interest or make a significant contribution to the character and appearance of the town, but do not meet the criteria for statutory listing.
The Ipswich Conservation and Design Panel is a service panel of the Council which meets monthly to consider built design issues within the Borough, and offer comments to Planning Officers regarding development proposals.
The Ipswich Historic Churches Trust's primary objective is the preservation and maintenance of redundant churches of all denominations which are of historical or architectural value, for public benefit.


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