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Orwell Country Park was officially opened to the public in 1995 and has continued to grow in size and facilities ever since. Find out everything you need to know about the 470-acre site.

Bordered by the Orwell Estuary and the A14, Orwell Country Park is 470-acre site of mixed lowland habitats, including ancient woodland, heathland and mudflats.
Orwell Country Park has six pedestrian entrances and two entrances with car parks. Find out where each of them are located and get directions.
Orwell Country Park has three main sites – Piper’s Vale, Bridge Wood and Braziers Wood, all of which are the hinterland to the Orwell Estuary.
Information about Pond Hall Farm, Meadow and Carr.
Our Wildlife and Parks teams have created walks around 12 of our parks and open spaces to encourage use of particular paths to avoid disturbance to wildlife, encourage use of under used areas of the parks and improve access to nature for mental health and wellbeing.
Management is an ongoing process across all areas of Orwell Country Park.
Orwell Country Park is a large space and allows for a range of activities.
Orwell Country Park is home to a wide variety of species across the year. Discover the different habitats and species found across the site and at what time of the year you are most likely to encounter them.

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